Monoï De Tahiti®

From traditions that stretch back thousands of years, Monoï de Tahiti®, the sacred oil of the Polynesians, is much more than a natural personal care product, it is a precious concentrate of natural sensuality and authenticity.

Parfum d'Étoiles

Experience one of our shimmering perfumes. Ori Mist Passion is plentiful with fruit and guava,

Tipanie holds delicate Plumeria Flowers and Tiare Vanille with Tiare Tahiti and Vanilla Beans

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Mihia, Tiare Tahiti

The Original Purifying Mask

Extremely gentle, its formula based on Tiare Tahiti and Noni, offers a relaxing and nourishing gesture for a radiant and plumped skin. Its richness in serum plants, trace elements and minerals improves its vitality and tightens pores.

Its anti-free radicals and purifiers improve the texture of the skin while offering protection against oxidative stress and pollution. Wrinkles and fine lines fade and the skin is soothed.


Best Sellers

Repair and maintain healthy skin with some of our best sellers.

Discover our flagship products such as Monoi De Tahiti, which is obtained by macerating fresh

Tiare Tahiti flowers in refined Coconut oil, it is a precious concentrate of sensuality, naturality and authenticity.

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Irinau, Tamanu

Masque Energie Vitale IRINAU

Diffuses through its unctuous texture all the power of natural active ingredients drawn from Tahitian Vanilla and Tamanu Sauvage BIO, sacred care of Polynesians. Intensely nourished, regenerated and oxygenated, the skin is plumped, radiant and full of youth. Thanks to its powerful anti-free radical and anti-oxidant agents MASQUE ENERGIE VITALE IRINAU restores vitality to the skin and protects it from oxidative stress and pollution.


Tamanu Seeds & Nuts


Tamanu Flowers


Tamanu Fruits

The Tamanu is a 2 to 3 meter tall tree that grows and thrives on coral soils near the lagoons where the roots plunge into the sea water.

The fruits of this tree are gathered by hand, cleaned naturally and delicately with sea water and then dried in the sun.

Once perfectly dried, the fruits are cold pressed and after several filtrations, they give a green-yellow slightly oil with remarkable properties. The specific resins of our Tamanu Sauvage oil give it a  specificity of care oil with remarkable beneficial actions.

The composition of our Tamanu Sauvage oil (oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid,  eicosanoic acid, eicosenoic acid) gives it the appearance of a fatty oil comparable to sweet almond oil. Tamanu Sauvage oil prevents the degradation of collagen and elastin. It reduces brown age spots on the skin. The composition of the resins in natural callophylloids has antibacterial, anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory effects very useful against pain and small wounds or stings.


It naturally has a good content of vitamin E and a sun protection factor, anti UVA-UVB. It can be used even on sensitive parts : cuts, wounds, burns, hemorrhoids, anal fissure. It is  hypoallergenic, neither irritating nor sensitizing.

Rau Hotu