Our Brand-Our Story

Rau Hotu Tahiti©

a brand and an art of living of TAHITI and her islands which is developing for the international market


In Polynesian cosmogony, RAU HOTU TAHITI©, refers to the 7th heaven, the world of sweet and beneficial flowers and fragrant plants, with colorful green valleys and miraculous fruits. It is the perfumed Paradise, a place of abundance, well-being and purification to meet the Gods and live in a perfect and healthy way.

In the Polynesian tradition, the secrets, knowledge and millenary knowledge are transmitted from generation to generation by the family to one of the children who becomes the expert, the “Tahua”, or “Kahuna” specialist in Hawaii, then “Tahua Raau” – expert in Polynesian natural care or in its discipline, to be the expert for the community.

Merging Polynesian Tradition and the modern in the field of care, cosmeceuticals, health and well-being is a reality made in Tahiti and its islands / made in Fenua.

Created in 2004, this family-owned company uses Polynesian tropical natural resources and traditional recipes in its laboratory to manufacture natural and organic skin care and cosmetics products.

RAU HOTU TAHITI© also has a training school for Polynesian cultural knowledge and skills associated with beauty and health rituals.

Its objective is to create added value and jobs in Polynesia and the islands to support and develop locally and international, luxury, highend quality Polynesian products, in order to show the world that Polynesia has millenary secrets and exceptional resources to stay healthy and take care of its body and mind in a natural way. 

Based on the knowledge transmitted by the elders and by the determination to stay healthy, Polynesians have developed their own natural health and beauty care and rituals. 

It is then through research and development that RAU HOTU TAHITI© has created care products that give results so that the body, soul and spirit are in good health for as long as possible, inspired by :

– Raau Tahiti” (natural Polynesian cosmeceutical),

– Taurumi” (technique to massage and exert pressure on the body to maintain or regain physical, emotional and psychological balance, improve health and reduce abnormal states),

– “Polynesian MANA” (Strength and power from nature and the elders),

– Polynesian biodiversity and its natural and organic products, aromatherapy and naturopathy.


This is how RAU HOTU TAHITI© was created.

Monoi De Tahiti

As legacy, the Mahoi tradition gave us a precious sacred oil:

Monoi de Tahiti, the prodigious combination of fresh Tiare flowers and refined Coprah oil.

Monoi de Tahiti is much more than a skin and hair preparation. It has also the power to stimulate the senses and feed the imagination.

The product of a luxuriant nature, it is the inspiration for a new art of personal care.

Tiare Flower.jpg

The Tiare Tahiti

The Beauty Flower

Its snow white petals are a symbol of purity and its suave and addictive fragrance is the signature of Tahiti and the Islands of French Polynesia. A beauty flower and a medicinal plant from the traditional pharmacopoeia, the gardenia taitensis is rich in terpenic alcohols and esters (methyl salicylate) known for their soothing and purifying properties


Our Natural & Organic Certifications



the guarantee of origin MADE IN TAHITI set up by the employers’ organizations of French Polynesia for consumers.


designation of origin like the Champagne and French wines, delivered and controlled by French and Polynesian authorities, reserved for monoi-based products manufactured in Polynesia in accordance with local, fair and consistent practices, in accordance with a regulatory process defined by the French and European administration and internationally recognized.


the assurance of an INTERNATIONAL ORGANIC BIOCOSMETICS product identified by an independent European certification body, accredited by IAF, IFOAM, eocc, ASSOCERTBIO whose primary objective is to ensure that cosmetics and skin care products are evaluated from an allergological and toxicological point of view, are safe, environmentally friendly and of proven effectiveness. It is about transparency and honesty in the selection of ingredients.


natural raw materials recognized by an independent European and international organization, with a strong experience in cosmetic certifications.


to protect the marine ecosystem, our products are based on natural UV filters, infused with vegetable oils and biodegradable. No oxybenzone, octixonate, benzophenone.

Rau Hotu